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Social statistics

‘Social’ is big. We summarised some key numbers that will help you get an idea;

  • Facebook reached 1 billion active users worldwide in September 2016.
  • Out of the approx. 24 million Australians, 15 million use Facebook.
  • That is 62,5% of the total Australian population.
  • Instagram comes second in popularity with 5 million active Australian users.
  • Followed by Linkedin (3,7 million) and Twitter (2,8 million) users in Australia.
  • 57% of users check their social media profile(s) over 5 times a day, mostly from home (96%), but also a lot form work (35%), on public transport (25%) or at the gym (8%).
  • When we check it? Preferably after work in the evening, first thing in the morning or at lunchtime.
  • And did you know that 52% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand if it interacts positively on social media. Lot’s of Australian small and larger businesses have already picked up on this and created presences on the major platforms.
Social Opportunity

These statistics tell us you can’t miss out on the opportunity social media brings. Not only in social presence, but also in advertising and taking the opportunity of the advanced targeting and retargeting options social media offer. Facebook for example, allow you to target consumers by location, interests, previous purchases, education level and industry. You can also retarget people on Facebook who visited your website or upload your (segmented) email database and hit them on Facebook.

Every platform has its advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and of course, pricing. And every business has its own strategy, target group and goals, so every business needs a tailored approach to get the best out of these amazing platforms.

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