SEO as a strategy

Optimizing your website, to realize a higher ranking and as subsequence, more visitors, is a very reliable marketing strategy. A sustainable investment. Key in SEO are Stability and Growth. We start with stability. Realize and stabilize a HEALTHY website; no (or as little as possible) technical errors; great, keyword optimized and relevant content; metatags in place etc. Growth starts with a healthy website. Now, step by step, we try to improve your rankings by a range of exciting activities. Think link building, social activity and content marketing! So much opportunity!

On page vs Off page SEO

Within SEO, we divide ‘on page’ and ‘off page’ in two areas to invest time and effort in. Google does not give away how rankings are calculated, but SEO gurus have identified key areas to focus on. (Over)simplified; On-Page SEO includes the technical side of things and all the content on your site. Off-Page SEO includes all the activities that help Google believe your website is perceived well in the world.  Because, Google doesn’t only trust you, it needs feedback from other websites and users.

How we work

To establish better rankings in the search engine, we work with advanced and innovative software and a team of experienced SEO specialists. Together with you and your team we work on several aspects of your website and advice you on a long-term advice.

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