Programmatic Marketing

Programmatic Marketing, not just banner ads

Lost impressions on display, serving ads for examples to people who have already bought your product. It is far from ideal as it does not help us, but it has probably happened to all of us. How about this scenario: Megan is looking for a new striped t-shirt and found one on your website.  Unfortunately, just before she pays, she realizes it is too expensive and abandons the cart. This is where programmatic marketing comes in: We can now serve her an ad on the other website she visits with a 10% discount voucher for the striped t-shirt.

Programmatic makes us start thinking in our customers timings – their actual timings! – and allows us to have the right message, for the right person at the right time.

Scaled personalisation

Messaging changes in programmatic advertising. We aim to have an as personalised message as possible. Like in the example above, the ad we will serve to Megan will be similar to: ‘Check your cart again and find 10% discount on your favourite item!’ With this personalised messaging, the customers is more likely to come back to your site and/or convert.

How Programmatic works

Programmatic advertising is growing rapidly and is often described as the future within digital marketing. But what does it exactly mean?

Programmatic buying refers to any type of online ad space bought automatically (just another word for programmatic). You can buy this through an auction or direct. Buying the ad space direct will guarantee the space is yours. When you buy ad space through an auction (Real Time Bidding) it works just like Adwords/PPC, only this is for display ads all around the web.

Imagine this; A webpage loads and ad space comes available. The ad exchange (the platform where the auction is held) decides who ‘wins’ that ad space by matching the webpage and the viewer and looks at the highest and most relevant bidder. As you can imagine, this all happens within milliseconds

How we work

We work with the most advanced platforms and techniques to make your programmatic campaigns work. Our reporting gives you insight in everything we do, in a simplified way, so we can have in depth conversations about the campaigns and about your customer!

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