Pay Per Click

What is PPC and How to Use PPC to Grow Your Business

PPC is pay per click marketing, also known as search engine marketing (SEM) or as AdWords marketing.

PPC uses search engine advertising to generate clicks to your website, where you pay for each individual click through to your site. These are the sponsored ads that you will notice when you search for something on Google or Bing.

How Does PPC Work?

Every time a visitor to Google, Bing or another search engine clicks one of your ads (like the orbitkey ad above) a visitor is sent to your site and you pay the search engine a fee. The amount you pay is up to you, and can vary from 10 cents per click to $30 or more.

Is a PPC Marketing Campaign Right for Your Business?

PPC can be the most effective way to find customers for your business online. Whether you’re looking to signup customers for an online business loan, book a river cruise in Europe or sell products on an e-commerce site.

PPC can also build leads for your sales team to follow up on, generate calls for a local business or build brand awareness. PPC is the online equivalent of the yellow pages, if you do business online, or your potential customers are online, then PPC can help grow your business.

How ClickedOn Manage PPC Campaigns

At ClickedOn a successful PPC marketing campaigns starts off with customer, business and competitor intelligence. We work with you to understand your business, your target market and the value of a client, lead or sale to your business.
From here we build an acquisition model specifically for you business and deliver PPC advertisements to potential customers using a variety of demographic, social and other targeting criteria to place your ad in front of a potential customer at the “point of inspiration” while building brand recognition and awareness.


With remarketing you show your ad to people that have visited your website before. For example, someone visited your website, but left without converting. Remarketing allows you to serve your ad on other pages your potential customer visits.

Why retargeting is important? It helps with engagement and Brand Awareness.

  • Engagement: An estimated 90% of visitors will leave your site without converting. And almost half of potential customers browse other pages before they come back to yours and purchase something or convert in another way. Remarketing allows you to re-engage with and stay top of mind of your potential customer, to increase chances they will come back and convert.
  • Brand Awareness: Serving your ad to visitors will help you get your brand ‘out there’. Even if they don’t come back to convert within a certain time frame. It helps you get more brand awareness
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